General FAQ

Can I buy Boxed Ear products as a digital download?

Yes, our products are delivered as digital downloads. You will receive a download link via email within a few minutes of purchase.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

What is your privacy policy?

We hate spam as much as anyone. Boxed Ear will never sell, trade or giveaway your personal details. We collect personal details to process your order, contact you if there is a problem or, if you choose to join our mailing list to send you news or inform you of new products, sales and promotions.

We do not store any credit card information.

Please see the full legal privacy policy here.

Samples FAQ

Only Kontakt format?

Currently we only support Native Instruments Kontakt format. We are interested in supporting more. If you would like to see a specific format supported, please let us know.

No Kontakt scripts or instrument interface?

Many Kontakt Instruments and libraries come with scripting, often presented in a custom interface for the instrument. In order to present a suite of instruments which all share a generic interface, certain compromises must be made when sampling the instrument. In the case of a synth, this might mean using Kontakt filters or envelopes instead of the synth's own. This takes away some of the character of the original synth, which for us defeats the purpose of sampling it. We do include some "processed" instruments in our products where Kontakt filters, envelopes and scripting are used to further enhance the sound, but these not the norm, and each patch is created differently depending on what sounds good. A generic one-size-fits-all interface script wouldn't work.

Concentrating time and development on scripting gives the benefit of more flexible instruments but at the expense of some authenticity. We would rather spend the time sampling more patches from each synth to give you the most authentic vintage sample sets on the market.

If you are a Kontakt script wizard and think you could offer something unique to change our minds, get in touch.

Can I use these samples in my music?

Absolutely yes. That's the point. As the buyer you are purchasing a license to use these samples in your own compositions with no need for further permission. See the full terms and conditions below.

What are your terms & conditions?

When buying any Boxed Ear product, you are purchasing a license. The license covers the original purchaser using these samples as part of a musical production. Boxed Ear remains the master copyright-holder and licensee. Redistributing any Boxed Ear product in its native format or as part of any sample based product or preset is not permitted.

For our free downloads, you are entitled to use the samples in your musical productions, but any further distribution of the samples themselves is forbidden.