The Waldorf Microwave is a synth that never fails to surprise. It can go from subtle beauty to total chaos with no effort. The synthesis engine is deep and rewarding. It is everything that is great about digital wavetable synthesis. The Microwave XTk is one of my personal favourite synths of all time.

This bank contains 128 brand new sounds. Each sound has been carefully programmed to make full use of mod wheel and aftertouch, making them the most expressive Microwave sounds you're ever likely to hear. Not only that, but each preset has carefully chosen Play mode screen which shows four parameters which are perfect for further tweaking. So each sound is perfectly crafted to allow you maximum sound tweakin' potential.

Check out the demos below to hear deep textures, evolving pads, alien world, expressive poly synths, gnarly basses and a whole lot more. This soundset had been over 10 years in the making. The result is the most expressive bank of Microwave II/XT sounds ever made.


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128 brand new sounds
128 brand new sounds. Delivered in MIDI sysex format, which can be loaded into either A or B banks. Detailed installation instructions are included in the download package.
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Compatible with the Microwave XT, Microwave XTk and Microwave II
This sound bank is only compatible with the Waldorf Microwave XT, Microwave XTk and Microwave II. Please note these sounds are NOT compatible with the Microwave I.
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