OSCar Kontakt sample pack

Hearken for Mac

Hearken is a new kind of audio recorder.

Simple, elegant, fast recording... the way a Mac app should be.

Native Instrument Kontakt sample packs

OSCar Kontakt sample pack

OSCar Kontakt soundset

The OSC OSCar is a legend amongst synthesizers, a unique combination of analog and digital.

It has that indefinable mojo that is normally reserved for vintage analogue synths and that's why it has a place in the Boxed Ear library of greats.

The OSCar - it's chock full of techno and we love it.
Mighty M5 Kontakt sample pack

Mighty M5 Kontakt soundset

The Macbeth M5 is a mighty beast. Even the raw waveforms sound gorgeous with no filtering or modulation. Huge basses and leads, luscious pads, electric pianos, drums, one-shot effects, and crazy modular bleeps are all included in this pack.

Believe us, it sounds amazing.

The Mighty M5, sometimes raw, sometimes soft and beautiful, but always full of attitude.
Sys100 Kontakt sample pack

Sys100 Kontakt soundset

The Roland System 100 is an iconic and classic semi-modular synthesizer released in 1975. They definitely don't make them like this anymore.

This pack sounds every bit as good as the System 100 looks. Whether you're playing prog rock synth solos or minimal techno, this synth is going to impress.

Sounds for synthesizers

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TQS: Binary Pulsars for the Prophet 08, Mopho and Tetra

A fresh new bank of sounds for the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08, Mopho and Tetra series.

128 brand new, expressive, musical sounds. Pads, poly synths, basses, atmospheres, arpeggios and lots more. Bend space and time* with this galactic new bank for the Prophet 08, Mopho and Tetra series!
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P12 for the Prophet 12

99 beautiful new sounds for the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 synthesizer.

The Prophet 12 is the current flagship of the Dave Smith Instruments range, and Dave has said himself that it is his finest ever synthesizer. We believe that the P12 sound bank sets a new standard for patch design on the Prophet 12.
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TQS: Magnetic Fields for the Evolver

256 galactic sounds for the Dave Smith Instruments Evolver series.

The bank is full of organic leads, vintage basses, luscious evolving pads and otherworldly atmospheres and every patch is designed to be expressive and musical. These sounds are a joy to play. Expand your horizons with this stellar new sound bank for DSI Evolver.
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TQS: Red Zone Fever for the Pro 2

Another fantastic electronica soundset, this time for the powerful Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2. According to Dave himself, it’s his “most powerful mono synth ever.”

Expect supernova basses, heat-warped leads, alien textures, and beautiful paraphonic deep-space pads.