TQS: Binary Pulsars

Two Quiet Suns, the outfit behind our best selling Magnetic Fields bank for the Evolver are back. This time with a fresh new bank of sounds for the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08, Mopho and Tetra series.

The Prophet 08 is Dave Smith's all analog flagship poly synth providing a vintage sound with a modern twist.

This bank contains 128 brand new, expressive, musical sounds. Pads, poly synths, basses, atmospheres, arpeggios and lots more.

Bend space and time* with this galactic new bank for the Prophet 08, Mopho and Tetra series!

(*space and time will only be metaphorically bent, this bank does not come with any gravitational mass)


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128 brand new sounds
Delivered in MIDI sysex and SoundTower editor format. Detailed installation instructions are included in the download package.
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Compatible with all Prophet 08, Mopho and Tetra models
Compatible with Prophet 08 Keyboard, Prophet 08 Desktop, Mopho, Mopho Keyboard, Mopho x4, Mopho SE and Tetra (please note that the sounds were developed on Prophet 08. Polyphonic patches may need some tweaking to sound their best in the Mopho and Tetra synthesisers)
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Delivered immediately
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